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laravel code / August 31, 2021

(1) Composer & Installing Laravel
(2) Directory Structure in Laravel
(3) Routes in Laravel
(4) Named Routes & Route Groups in Laravel
(5) Route List & Route Controller
(6) Passing Data to View in Laravel
(7) Removing public from URL in Laravel
(8) Middlewares in laravel
(9) Middlewares Contd in Laravel
(10) Dependency Injection in Laravel
(11) Blade Intro & Master Layout in Laravel
(12) Echo’ing with Blade in laravel
(13) More on Echo with Blade in Laravel
(14) if/else & loops in Blade Syntax
(15) Section Overriding & @ parent
(16) @include with Blade
(17) @echo in Blade
(18) @stack in Blade
(19) Comments in Blade
(20) Introducing Models
(21) Create New Model in laravel
(22) Connecting Database in Laravel
(23) Model Conventions overring thos
(24) Insert New Record laravel
(25) Mass Assignment in laravel
(26) More About Creating New Model in Laravel
(27) Update & Delete Model in Laravel
(28) Importing html/Form Package in laravel
(29) Creating Form View in Laravel
(30) Receiving input from User
(31) Form Validation the old way in laravel
(32) Form Validation the new Way -2
(33) Preserving User Input Data
(34) Form Validation with Request class in Laravel
(35) Display Validation Error Message in laravel
(36) Customised Error Message in Laravel
(37) Session In Laravel
(38) DataBase Migrations in laravel
(39) Database Query Buider in Laravel
(40) Query Builder Contd in Laravel
(41) Select Columns with Query Builder in Laravel
(42) Database Query Log in Laravel
(43) Fluent Query Where Clause
(44) Additional Where Clauses in Laravel
(45) Model Relationships Into. in Laravel
(46)One To One Relationships in Laravel

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