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Directory Structure in Laravel
laravel code / August 18, 2018

Directory Structure in Laravel


mac linux os
(14)storage reade or write permision

(1) app
(1)console command line application
(2)events for example registrion email bhejna sms hoi to
(1) Controller
(1)Controoler.php (Base Controller)

(2) Middleware
URL Hits
(3)Providers means created packageies
(3) Request
form submit permission form validations
(1)routes url aapki mirjise

(4)User.php that is model
(4)Job Cron hoti

(2)Migrations change delete cap kya details

(2)sass generate languge he css file create karne liye

(8)tests tesing
(9)vendor all packagies in laravel

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