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CodeIgniter Base Controller
codeigniter code / July 24, 2018
Base Controller step by step created
Step 1 :- go to codeigniter folder and go to core folder
Step 2 :- go to core folder and created file name this(MY_controller.php)
step 3 :-
For Example this like
Note :Why CI_Controller extends beacuase CI_Controller beacuase CI_Controller features used    class MY_Controller extends CI_Controller
This used to all controller used not created __construct() write
CI_controller featcures used this class MY_Controller
CI_Controller inheritance  MY_Controller
step 4 :- go to application,Controller Welcome
class Welcome extends MY_Controller {
Note :MY_Controller inheritance CI_Controller
step 5 :- created admin.php controller and User controller created
Public Controller created this
Articles List
Articles View
Admin Controller created this
Add Article
Edit Article
Delete Article
class User extends MY_Controller
and created user.php controller createdclass user extends MY_Controller
public function index()
echo  “public index”;
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